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About Sanctum

Sanctum is a heavy roleplaying guild for mature players, based around a community setting.  We are located on US RP Server Wyrmrest Accord.  We are very active, very selective, and very invested in good roleplay.

On the side we enjoy content as a guild, such as 10-man progression raiding, arenas, retro raids, achievement runs, etc, but roleplaying is and always will be this guild's focus. 

  • You can learn more about our RP, including vital backstory information for prospective members, by reading our Player Handbook.  
  • To find out more about our OOC perspective, check out our Policies
  • Our Armory page is located here.
  • We have an information page for visitors and outside guilds.

    We are once again accepting applications! Please read up on our joining process.  If you have any questions please ask us in-game!


Site Logo:  Art by Sae, depicting two of our characters, Trisdane and Kivishara.  

Sanctum's RP is centered around Surwich, a small mostly vacant coastal town in the bottom right corner of the Blasted Lands.  For any toon 58+ it is very easy to get to, just use the Stormwind portal in the Mage District to the Blasted Lands zone.  For lowbies, ask someone to taxi you to the flight points.

Sanctum uses Guild Chat to represent an IC location for guild RP, a hangout called Sanctum Underside

We have an OOC Chat channel that we use for all OOC banter, which you will find in the guild's info tab.  Feel free to join the OOC chat with all of your alts whether they are in the guild or not.


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